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Letitia Piggott-Delves, Veterinary Physiotherapist

BSc Veterinary Science

MSc Equine Science

PgD Veterinary Physiotherapy

It was clear from a very early age that Letty has an affinity for animals and wanted to pursue a career in the veterinary industry. To that end she studied Veterinary Science at the Royal Veterinary College in London. It was there she developed an interest in biomechanics, structure and motion after carrying out a first year research project. This passion for locomotion continued to become the subject of her undergraduate dissertation, through her postgraduate dissertation, and finally prompted enrolment onto a second postgraduate course – Veterinary Physiotherapy at Harper Adams University.

Whilst at Harper, Letty completed a wide range of practical and academic, lecture-based modules and carried out a number of work placement days in order to develop her skills. She also completes regular CPD (continuing professional development) days to keep up to date with current practice. In fact, Letty’s dedication to continued learning has become a running source of amusement among friends and family.

Letty has a wealth of experience with animals having kept pets all her life (from dogs and cats to reptiles and bugs!) and from a professional standpoint as a dog walker and working with exotic animals in an education setting, along with voluntary work for rescue organisations. Letty also has experience with horses, both as a rider from a very young age, and having spent most weekends as a teenager working as a groom.

Currently Letty’s menagerie consists of three corn snakes, a bearded dragon, a Bosc monitor, an African Grey parrot, and Gus the rehomed Siberian Husky whose love of food rules the house.